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Kotva 1


Official opening jingle

for Anifilm Internation Animation Festival

Art designer, director, animator: Martin Živocký

Music: Norbi Kovács

I was asked to make a video combining the real-life shots of Třeboň with animated 3D objects that would shape into a logo of Anifilm at the end of the sequence. I got an idea of making it a night time video with glowing objects, but instead of complicated night filming in Třeboň and tracking the shots I decided to use a technique called camera mapping (also the real Třeboň is quite illuminated at night and I needed the streets to be dark). Camera mapping allows you to take a photo of some place (for example) and project it on a simple 3D scene, so you can make limited camera movement in the shot. This technique gave me more creative freedom and also full control of light. For the textures I used daylight photos of Třeboň streets (thanks to cloudy weather the sunlight was diffused), in Bledner 3D I made simple models of buildings and roads and then I projected the photos on them. I used flying balls and triangles as a light source and the rest of the scene was left in dark so I got specific atmosphere that would be really hard to reach with real night filming.

Anifilm kotva
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